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  • 99% UV Protection
  • Affordable Film
  • Reduce Heat & Glare
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  • Darkest Legal Tinting

    In NSW, 35% VLT on the Front 2 Windups and a Darker, 20% VLT Window Film is legally permitted on the rear windows. For some Company Vehicles, darker film down to 5% is permitted on the rear windows. Contact us for Further Information or Visit the RMS website to see what the legal limit is for your vehicle.

  • Manufacturer Warranty

    All films are backed by a Manufacturer Warranty that is covered Australia wide for your peace of mind.

  • Ceramic Range for Ultimate Protection

    Ceramic Window Film is the latest technology and has taken the industry by storm. Ceramic Window Film not only offers a higher level of Heat Rejection but outperforms many Carbon, IR and HP films on the market. Not all Ceramic Film is the same - there are different Grades of Ceramic - give us a call on 0431 003 564 to learn more.

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    Cars come in all different shapes and sizes - contact us for an obligation free quote.